Monday, October 22, 2007

Sporty Fashionista...

Hope you haven't missed me much (hah!), because I haven't posted in a while, but since I started this blog to discuss items I've bought or want to buy, and I haven't desired anything in the last few days, there wasn't much to write about. As I'm in the midst of job hunting, I do believe I will reward myself with a very nice gift once I find that special job with (hopefully) a larger salary. For now, even pining for something is not really optional.

Anyhow, if you're in Boston like I am, we're all obsessed with more important things these days, such as sports. Yes!, yesterday was really a big day for us, what with the big wins by the Pats and the Sox going to the World Series!!! I can't rattle off stats or really tell the players apart, except for hunky Brady (melt), but I can appreciate a good game when I see one, so it made for an exciting Sunday to have all the guys come through for us, keeping me company on the tube while I wafted through the mess that is my room, and trying to organize between touchdowns and homeruns.

The really great thing I love about sports in our little city is the camaraderie and team spirit that oozes out unconditionally. And there is no other way to support your fave teams than to wear the team colors, or even better, actually sport the official gear.

It's been a long time coming that female fans actually had something special designed for them, instead of wearing their bf's oversized jerseys or having to cut apart t-shirts just to look a little cuter. There are now many choices for the stylish sport connoiseur, although there are some that I frankly have to question. I am NOT about the items that just have logos slapped on them. The product really needs to be about the design, team colors, and style that is unique to the person wearing it.

My only rule is NO pink! I myself am guilty of owning a pink, baby blue, even a coral baseball cap for these two teams, but I think if you're going to show up and watch the game in person, there is NO reason you can't wear the team's colors. The NE Patriots are blue, silver, and if you'd like, red. The Sox are plainly red, and if you'd like, navy blue. That's it. I seriously don't know where the pink came from, except that someone in marketing thought that this would be a REALLY good idea to fill that female niche sorely needed from clothing revenue. I think it was a good intro., but now there are really quality designs for the woman, so ladies, PLEASE steer clear of the pink if you are going to the game. Wear the team colors. You'll look like an actual fan~!

These are my top picks for the coolest Pats and Sox pieces for the woman with style.

New England Patriots:

I love this jacket only because I think it's so appropriate for the weather out here. Rain or snow, esp. since football season heads right through winter, this is an essential piece that will keep you warm and looking hot.

Underneath the jacket, only a cute little t-shirt will do. I think this is such a cute design based on the official jersey. If only they can create this shirt with your fave players' name and number on it. I think that would make it even more perfect.

To cap it all off (please excuse the pun), is this very feminine, but color appropriate satin cap. It's a little on the blinging side, but surprisingly, I like it! It's a great look worn with the coat when it's converted to a vest (for those warmer days). I like that with this red, you can even wear it to a Sox game! (I'm all for the mantra that one item can come with many uses.)

While the NFL has some really cute pieces, you definitely can't deny that the MLB also saw potential in designing for the ladies. They not only saw an opportunity there, they had Alyssa Milano design and model the stuff. I can't disagree that if she really did design these pieces, she did good. My top picks below.

Boston Red Sox:

This is such a cute sweater. Very sexy, too, but the team spirit is undeniable here!

I love this red top. It's another sexy piece, but can be layered under the argyle sweater above, or worn alone. Adorable, and it looks comfy, too!

This is another cute piece. I think it would look great to have all three of these pieces layered together, frankly. And if you need a cap, really, wear the red Pats satin cap. Until the Sox have their own red satin cap, I don't see this as a faux pas.

I might have some shopping to do after all...

New England Patriots Ladies 4-in-1 Coat - $89.95

New England Patriots Ladies VF Active Roster Shirt - $44.95

New England Patriots Ladies Satin Cap-Red - $19.95

Boston Red Sox Women's Argyle Top "touch"™ by Alyssa Milano - $39.99

Boston Red Sox Women's Burnout V-Neck Tie Top "touch"™ by Alyssa Milano - $54.99

Boston Red Sox Women's Ruffle Full Zip Hoody "touch"™ by Alyssa Milano - $59.99

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hi i love the hat in your blog patriots hat i clicked on the link for the proshop and for some reason it isint there anymore do u know where else i could purchase this cool hat let me know please thanks