Monday, October 8, 2007

not so nimble

In my excitement over the Prada clutch I saw several weeks ago at the new Neiman Marcus in Natick, I completely forgot to tell you about my impression of the Louis Vuitton boutique downstairs. It was like the other boutiques, but a little too crowded and feeling like a fish market with the amount of people grabbing and peering and trying on bags (the store did just open up, after all, but you would think this is the first LV store in the Boston area!). Anyhow, my eyes initially lit up when I saw the bags from the Monogram Olympe collection. Note that I said, initially. And then it went all downhill from there. I tried it on, and it felt so absolutely wrong.

It wasn't just the size. I mean, I'm a petite girl, so you could've stuffed me into the bag and called it a day. But the lumpiness of the leather. It's practically sacrilegious to take soft Italian lamb leather and embroider LV logos all over it to the point where I felt like I was carrying damaged goods coming out of the washer. It didn't feel like a fine, designer bag. It was all so goofy. And the way the SA told me it was so limited, etc. I couldn't help looking incredulously at her. I know that LV can do better than this!

The bag is named after nimbus clouds, hence, the bag is supposed to have this cloudy, puffy feeling, but I wasn't feeling it. I wonder if the Stratus (below) is still available, as that bag has much better form, and I love the resin chain that hangs across. But the Nimbus? Just not right.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Olympe Nimbus PM - $1,940

Louis Vuitton Monogram Olympe Nimbus GM - $2,550