Saturday, October 13, 2007

Across the Universe

I just came back from seeing "Across the Universe," and oh, what an ode to the Beatles, one of my all-time favorite bands. Yes, this movie was a cheesefest, what with the sappy love story, some really ridiculous dance numbers, and not-meant-to-be-funny-but-I-laughed-out-loud moments. Still, I love how the music was incorporated into the storyline, and the actors were all great, especially since they had to sing their own songs, and thank God they didn't butcher any of the classics. Jim Sturgess was very likeable, and it didn't hurt that at a passing glance, he could've passed as Paul McCartney's (my fave Beatle!) doppelgänger .

The theatre I went to kind of sucked when it came to both the screen and the audio. The film was grainy and the sound had some glitches in their speakers, so it kind of ruined the magical aspect of what the movie was meant to do, but this only means that I need to get a copy of the DVD when it comes out.

I am SO getting the soundtrack. (There are two versions, pre-order the deluxe edition to get all the songs!) The covers for all the songs were all really wonderful.

I read that hype for this movie has been slow, and I wish they actually did a little more marketing for it, but DO go see it if you get a chance, it's really a film worth supporting. There were plenty of Beatles references thrown throughout for the rabid fan, but also a lot of humor and quality performances for the movie lover. Throw in the CG effects, and it's eye candy throughout.

Go see it!!! :D

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