Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a bag for your bubbly

While I have not been very impressed with Alice Temperley's line at Target, she maintains her luxury status by continuing to collaborate with other high-end brands, and at least this time, the creation is both functional and whimsical. In Temperley's second collaboration with Moët & Chandon (she designed a limited-edition tiara for M&C last year), this time around, she has designed a bespoke bag specifically for the champagne company.

As Moët & Chandon is a part of the LVMH world, it only makes sense that for this weekend/picnic bag, Temperley was inspired by "the grand wardrobes and bespoke travel trunks created by the master malletier Louis Vuitton during the second half of the nineteenth century" to get this look. I'm not sure I buy that. Can you feel any of LV's heritage in this bag at all? The metallic canvas borders on cheapola ghetto-fabulous, and the pyramid studs are SO yesterday. If anything, the most adorable thing going for the bag is the detachable champagne carrier. Of course, when I travel, I MUST be able to tote my bubbly with me. It's the gospel! What, don't believe me? Alas, I don't know if this is ingenious or ridiculous.

Anyhow, if you see something exquisite in this bag that I just don't see, and you're in London, head to any of AT's stores to get your own weekend bubbly toter. Yup, the bag is only available in London.

Alice Temperley Bespoke Bag - £950 - available at Temperley London stores since Sep. 1

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