Sunday, October 7, 2007

sex and the city - everything wrong with the clothes?

I'm DYING to see the Sex and the City movie, but I'm heavily re-thinking that, if only because thus far, I've been terribly disappointed by what the wardrobe department has in store. While SATC has a legacy of really exciting fashions, it was only after several episodes of re-runs last night with the girls over food and wine that we really panned a lot of what they actually wear on the show. Everyone had at least one awesome outfit, but some were boring, most were really over the top, and most memorably, Carrie's outfits were the absolute worst...hoochie mama hooker, anyone?

And now, this. I don't know what the plot is, and I generally like to NOT know before I see a movie or read a book, but assuming this is for a wedding with Mr.Big, really, what is going on here? Don't get me wrong. I love love love the veil and hairpiece, especially the peacock feather. It's very haute couture...actually makes me think of something Dior would do. But the make-up! It's so...clownish. And the dress! What is up with the ill-fitting top? If she's too thin for boobs, couldn't they stuff her, or get her a push-up bra? It looks ridiculous.

It appears the other girls are her bridesmaids. How did they fare? Charlotte is in her boring black dress with pearls. Miranda's bright orange hair is done up in these silly Shirley Temple waves and wearing a royal blue dress. Samantha has some sort of Carmen Miranda thing going on in a bright red frock. It's all very discombobulated.

zombie boobs...ugh

What do you think? Am I being too harsh? If this is the wardrobe for the wedding, what are they wearing for their "normal" scenes? Maybe the movie folks will light this thing just right, and they'll all be behind Vaseline lens, and the dream wedding will indeed look very dreamy. For their sake, I really hope so. :P

UPDATE: According to Perez Hilton, this is just for a fantasy dream sequence. Thank God! I would've cried for Carrie if she really wore that to her wedding. I had a feeling anyways; why would the producers and publicists be lame enough to let plot-revealing scenes leak out? But can this be her fantasy dream dress?!?

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Anonymous said...

Carrie looks gorgeous in this vivienne westwood wedding dress, and the zac posen bridesmaids are something un-conventional and they all look stunning!!