Friday, October 12, 2007

Pretty Brady

This post is for my honey, 'cause he's a HUGE fan of the New England Patriots. While celebrities shilling for fragrances and colognes are a dime a dozen, I HAD to post this because we love Tom Brady, and we're happy that he finally got a sponsorship deal!

It's about time, really. While watching the Pats game last Sunday, we lamented the fact that we see Peyton Manning EVERYWHERE (cocky SOB), but poor Tom never gets anything. All he gets are bad press about his cheating coach, or his relationship woes (child born out of wedlock to an exgf, while dating hot new supermodel gf), etc., etc. But let's face it. He's a talented QB. He's hot. And he's a nice guy. He deserves any money that comes his way. And it appears that someone out there was willing to be that sugar daddy.

Coty Beauty has signed Tommy boy as the face of Stetson Cologne for two and a half years, and the new ads are out! This is a side of him I've never seen. Normally, he's either in his Pats uniform, or nice and clean-cut in a suit. They really went for the whole "I'm-sexy-smell-me-buy-Stetson" look where he's just gazing seductively at the camera (and thinking about how this will help pay for child support). But I digress. I think he looks great. It's the cross between the Marlboro man and an Ambercrombie & Fitch model. Sexy, rugged, innocent, really.

But let's get real. I don't know anyone who actually buys Stetson (do you?!), so is he helping Stetson build up their brand equity, or are they pulling him down? Think he could've done better? Except that this is somewhat of an all-American brand, maybe he could've associated himself with a more luxurious brand? What do you think?

Well, here's to many more sponsorships, Brady! And bring us home another championship!!!