Friday, September 21, 2007

What was the big deal anyways?

So I fluttered over to Target the other day to check out the Alice Temperley collection, and what a disappointment. I don't think any of the fashions looked quintessentially British (which is what exactly?), or even Temperley-like. I thought she was famous for all the beading and gilding and tunics and such. Or did I confuse her with another designer? The looks felt so old and dowdy. And French looking. What's with the berets, bows, and ruffles? I just checked her official website, and it seems that this season, she was inspired by Paris and Russia. OH-KAY...but was this the best representation of her work for the mass audience?

There weren't that many things that I wanted to try on, but I did try on these four items.

The first was this ivory cropped jacket. Online, it looked fun and whimsical. But in person? The fitting felt off. It was short, and puffy. I felt like a misshapen mushroom. Also, the material didn't feel like wool. It felt like a very soft felt or fleece material. Wasn't very awe-inspiring. So unfortunate.

What I really wanted was to try on the blue version. Maybe that would've looked better.

The next item I tried on was this dress. It was cute in concept, but I'm more of a busty girl, and the ruffles were far from flattering. Also, the cotton material felt like it could wrinkle easily, so I didn't think it would work if you run around a lot. Especially for someone like myself, who commutes for over an hour each way to work every day, by the time I get to the office, there would be wrinkles all over my ass.

This dress was cute, but not very special. I guess this is considered one of the few pieces that have that pop of color, but the print itself wasn't especially stylish. Especially since this season is all about the geometrics, the floral pattern felt off, neither classic nor trendy. Also, why would I pay $40 that looks like something I can get for $10-$15 bucks at like a Tello's or something? :P The one redeeming thing is that the fabric is nice, much better than the dress above.

This shirt was by far my favorite. The version I tried on was gray, and it was a very nice, muted piece. The shirt I tried on was the last one left, and it was smaller than I'd like, so I didn't buy it, but the fabric was nice and flowy, the ruffles actually work really well on this piece, and I could see it matched with jeans and heels for a night out. I couldn't even find the gray one online, so maybe I'll be able to catch it in another Target.

Anyhow, I would say that altogether, the collection is a mixed bag. I would say that most of the collection was uninspired. Not a very successful GO collection from Target this time around. But check it out for yourself.

Alice Temperley Melton Wool Cropped Jacket - Ivory - $44.99

Alice Temperley Melton Wool Cropped Jacket - Athens Blue - $44.99

Alice Temperley Long-Sleeve Cotton Voile Dress - Cloak Gray - $29.99

Alice Temperley Short-Sleeve Floral Crepe Dress - Pink - $39.99

Alice Temperley Victorian Ruffle-Front Blouse - Antique White (but get it in Gray!) - $29.99

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