Sunday, September 23, 2007

Origami Delight

I am dying with excitement! No sooner have I posted on being tired of buying expensive bags that I don't even use do I come upon the latest glorious piece that I am absolutely salivating on, and it's available for pre-order! Behold, the Bottega Veneta Origami Knot clutch. It's gorgeous! And cute! I'm the queen of origami to my friends, so how appropriate is this perfectly and cleverly designed concoction of art. Somewhere on the web I saw a black version, but I think the lighter colored version shows the texture of the leather much better. Such an intriguing take on their usual basket weave. The price tag is just harrowing; NO way can I justify it. But I can dream, and maybe if I get that new job I've been holding out on, I will treat myself. For now, another dream piece. I want this more than the Prada clutch, yes.

New obsession, check. Bank account, not quite there. Insane asylum, soon to be a patient. :P*

Bottega Veneta Origami Knot Limited Edition Clutch - $3,680

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